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Zombie Dice is a simple and fun dice game from Steve Jackson Games. This simulator is written in Python, and allows hobbyist programmers to write their own AI bots that play Zombie Dice against each other.

The simulator software and rules are featured in the blog article, Programming AI Bots for Zombie Dice

This wiki is a public repository for people to share bots that they've programmed.

QUICK LINK: Post your bot code or download other bots here.


Zombie Dice Rules

PDF of the official Zombie Dice rules.

Flash tutorial of the Zombie Dice game.

Video of Zombie Dice gameplay.


The GitHub page for the Zombie Dice Simulator has all the files you need to run the simulator program. The script implements the simulator and the script implements a browser-based visualization for the simulations.

Bot-Writing Tutorial

Bot-Writing Tutorial - A short tutorial on writing bots for the Zombie Dice Simulator. This assumes you have a small amount of Python programming experience.

The original blog post about the simulator (with instructions for writing bots) is here: Programming AI Bots for Zombie Dice

Bots Source Code

Bots Source Code - Browse the source code for various bots, or post your own bots.

Programming Tutorial

The Zombie Dice Simulator is written so that beginners new to programming and Python have a fun project to work with. If you'd like to learn how to program, you can download the free books Invent Your Own Computer Games with Python or Hacking Secret Ciphers with Python. Both books assume you have zero programming experience.

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